Travis Yost

Montana is more than just big skies and cold weather. It’s an area rich in talented musicians, phenomenal music, and roots that run deep, especially for The AUIDEO Show. For the sixth time in our many episodes, we’re staying right at home for our newest artist feature. Travis Yost, a product of Missoula, Montana, is the epitome of everything Montanans love about their music. He grew up a drummer like his Dad before him, started playing in bands in middle school and has been performing in front of people since he was six years old. He’s a hard working, nose to the ground, in love with the hustle type of guy. In fact, we talked to Travis about that exact thing in our interview, “…this is the only skill set I have, I have to do this… I believe in the struggle, I believe in the idea that I wrote 42 emails to book this one gig.” To Travis, this is more than just a hobby, this is a way of life. “…My 20 year plan is to still be playing as many shows as I am now, and still be willing to do it” - that’s 150 shows a year by the way… like we said, in love with the hustle.

Love Is A Dog From Nebraska, is his solo project, an idea he’s been crafting for close to a decade. It can be heard at any of his live shows, on his Bandcamp page, and throughout our podcast episode below. TAS is excited to present our sit down with an amazing musician, fellow podcaster, and the hilarious human, Travis Yost.

Stream Love is a Chat with Travis Yost - An Ode to Montana below and see where he’s playing next by follow him on social media.