Auideo Artist Spotlight feat. Daniel Morones


Daniel Morones

At first contact with Daniel, it was obvious to us that he was a down to earth, wholesome guy with a passion for music. In other words, he fit right into the Auideo culture. He’s a breath of fresh air in the music industry if we do say so ourselves. When the rest of the world is morphing into their label company, Daniel created every song off of his 2016 release “He’s in the News Again” from the heart. Inspiration can come in all shapes and sizes. In Daniel’s case, it came in the form of tragedy. The title track of his album was influenced by the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. The song features Dave Keuning, lead guitarist of The Killers. In fact, Dave is featured on several tracks and helped produce the entire album. The track as a whole is a heart felt retaliation to the murderous tragedies that continue to strike our societies. Not only does the song have meaning, it is beautifully written. Lyrically and with a well timed guitar riff from Dave, “He’s in the News Again” is an obvious first single. The rest of Daniel’s album carries an early 1960’s-1970’s indie-rock feel that can only be described as perfect. Some Auideo Show favorites include: The Hanging Tree (ft/Dave Keuning), A Thousand Zillion Hundred Dollars, When You Wish Upon a Bar, and You’re Always on My Mind. We are excited to share our interview with Daniel with all of you! This week’s Auideo Artist Spotlight is now available everywhere! Enjoy!

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