Ep. 17 Beck

Beck has been one of those ubiquitous artists in music to mix and fuse elements of many different genres. He also incorporates ironic, play-on-word lyrics, sampling, drum machines, live instrumentation and many more odd sounds and effects. Beck got his first guitar when he was 16, beginning as every musician does in coffee houses and on the streets for people passing by. As we see from creating a few contacts and playing a few gigs, Beck lands himself a record deal to help make what would be a staple song in his career, 'Loser'. The laid back, hip hop style song would help him get the creative freedom he needed to express his talents throughout the 90's. Creating twelve hit albums such as, 'Mellow Gold', 'Guerro', and 'Odelay' he has earned himself five Grammy's and sixteen nominations. Rolling Stone Magazine has ranked two of his albums in their 500 Greatest Albums of All Time (Odelay & Sea Change) He is currently working on his 13th studio album and have released the singles 'Dream' and 'Wow'. The four-time platinum musician as also collaborated with numerous musicians, as well as made several contributions to movie soundtracks. 

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