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JD McPherson

Jonathan David "JD" McPherson is a singer/songwriter from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. His musical style consists of the classic 1940's-50's "Rock-a-billy" style hugely inspired by Buddy Holly. He took up guitar at the age of 13 and hasn't put it down since. He has a masters of Fine Arts from University of Tulsa, and began teaching middle school music. He was eventually let go due to giving kids, "Bad Brains". He decided that teaching music was not meant for him, and began working on his musical talent. In 2011, he released his first album called "Signs & Signifiers" with his hit track "North Side Gal".

The Heavy

The Heavy is a British Indie rock band out of Bath, England. The band consists of singer Kelvin Swaby, Dan Taylor on guitar, Spencer Page on bass, and Chris Ellul on drums. Their musical style consists of a neo-soul/rock movement, along with some R&B influences. Their first singles were released in 2007 along with their debut album, "Great Vengence and Furious Fire." They produced an album in 2009 that made their mark on the entertainment as a whole. "How You Like Me Now" and "Short Change Hero" appeared in many video games and movies that year, including the movie Horrible Bosses, the video game Borderlands, and the TV series Suits. In 2008, RS magazine put them in their top 100 list of artists to listen to. And that same year, they were named artist of the day in Spin Magazine. They are currently on their 2016 tour and will be traveling throughout Europe and the US, participating in many festvials. 

Marian Hill

Marian Hill is an Jazz infused electronic duo from Philadelphia, PA. The group consists of singer Samantha Gongol and DJ/producer Jeremy Lloyd, and Steve Davit lending his powerful saxophone skills. Their style is combining electronic beats with chopped up audio from Samantha's voice. The duo met each other at Haverford High School outside of Philadelphia. They both attended separate colleges, but remained in contact. They got the name "Marian Hill" from the two main characters from the musical 'The Music Man', Harold Hill & Marian Paroo. Recently, Marian released the EP "Sway" in 2015 with the tracks "Got It" and "One Time". Their debut album "Act One" will contain their hit singles "Mistaken" and "I Want You", available June 24th. 

San Holo

Sander van Dijck is a Dutch born DJ/musician/songwriter at the age of 25. He is most know for his remix of Dr. Dre's "The Next Episode", which currently has over 100 million views on YouTube. Beginning in 2013, San Holo began getting some attention a year later, and was signed to Heroic Recordings. His current EP, Cosmos, was released in September 2014, and very quickly jumped to the Hot 100 Electronic songs on iTunes. Currently he is not on tour, but if you would like to check out San Holo live, he will be performing with the Chainsmokers at the Red Rocks Amphitheater Sept 1.   

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