Ep. 3 Queen

The British Rock Band Queen formed in the early 1970's in London, England when one Farrokh "Freddie" Bulsara saw the band Smile and talked to them about different musical techniques he thought they should try. Then in 1970, they adopted the name Queen, while Freddie adopted "Mercury". In their earlier years of writing, Queen was not a fan of using synthesizers, as they liked to stay true to that "post-Led Zepplin" rock sound. Their repetoire includes the tracks "Somebody To Love" and "Don't Stop Me Now", "Bicycle Race", "Fat Bottomed Girls", and so many more.  As they progressed through the 70's and 80's, their music changed the way a standard rock song was written. Their hits like "We Will Rock You" and "We Are the Champions" have become international sports anthems around the world. Their live concerts were said to have been out of this world, much like Mercury's vocal range. A personal favorite, "Don't Stop Me Now" provides an impeccable example of Freddie Mercury's dynamic vocal range. 

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