Sam Fischer

"Willie Nelson's weed tastes like 80 years of love"

Yes, that is a direct quote from our sit down with the falsetto god that is Sam Fischer. The feature this week is quite possibly our favorite we've ever done and it's not because of Willie Nelson's secret fountain of youth. Sam is the type of musician that comes along only once in a generation and is truly genuine to his core.

'Disarming Pop For The Nighttime Crowd' is how he classifies his music, "it's like Laura Marling with 808's.", he explains in our interview. "I feel like there's two parts of me, the sensitive singer-songwriter part, and then the kind of part that likes to... (party)." If you still aren't quite sure what that means take a listen to his debut EP, Not a Hobby, and hear him explain it for himself in our feature. 

We talk to Sam about the creation of his single, Getting Older, and the inevitable process of aging. He's also released singles Smoke, Same Friends, and his newest, This City. Although we talk about all of these songs, it's the journey from his childhood to where he is now that really makes us proud to present Sam Fischer's story. 

Hear our conversation with Sam on this week's episode of The Auideo Show and get the uncut, unedited, extended interview on our YouTube channel. Both below.

His journey can be followed here: