Patrick Dwyer

"I was so embarrassed for people to hear me"

Patrick Dwyer bares all in this exclusive interview with AUIDEO. A feature that's quite possibly our realest and most raw conversation we've ever done. Touching on everything from his childhood, his new album, conquering self-doubt, and how false humility can actually hold you back in life. Patrick is very open about his journey to this new album and was kind enough to do this interview in person at his home in Marina Del Rey. After playing host and having some Disneyland fun, Patrick and Cevan sat down to talk life over morning coffee.

Being from a small town outside of Missoula, MT, having a passion for something not readily available to you is difficult. Especially if that passion is creating music and that small town has no community or even program to support your dream. Patrick explains in our interview, "I lacked any kind of confidence. It was easier to hide from people... people would ask me if I was a singer and I would say no." Growing up feeling like an outsider is difficult for anyone and Patrick explains just how hard it was for him to chase this dream in our interview. 

After finishing college in 2009 he moved out to Los Angeles to be in the music industry. Here we are, 9 years later, and the album he's been chasing for so long is finally finished. A release date slated for this fall, Patrick admits, "It's a culmination of a lot of new songs I've written, along with some old ones... a lot of these songs I've had for a long time but people just haven't heard them... and I've come to realize that that's okay." The debut single, Reaper, was released last November and is his most unique song to date. His fan's have responded to its quick lyrics and upbeat tempo by making it his most popular single ever. The accompanying music video is waiting in the wings, and a topic he gives us a sneak peek of in the podcast. [See You] In My Memory... is the second single off of the upcoming record and is also the track we chose to feature for this week's episode. It's an AUIDEO favorite and Patrick explains:  "When we initially did that song, it came together so quickly... in an hour we had the blueprint for the song and then the next day we recorded the lyrics." Hear him explain it for himself below, and check out the uncut, unedited interview in its entirety on our YouTube channel.

You don't want to miss our feature this week, it's relatable, funny, and real. 

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