Gattison is 'Picture Perfect'


The AUIDEO featured artist, Gattison, is back with his second single! The pop star has released his new song, ‘Picture Perfect.’ The newest bop from Gattison is the second chapter of his six part story and picks up exactly where his debut, ‘California Magic’, left off. Luckily for us, he brought back the same creative team for his follow up release. ‘Picture Perfect’ is co-written by Shari Short (Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato), produced by Crash Cove (BTS), mixed by Tyler Scott (Beyonce, Shawn Mendes), and mastered by Dale Becker (Britney Spears, Macklemore). This all-star cast is quite the advantage and can be heard by the same infectious funk vibe that was brought for ‘California Magic’ and does exactly what he promised in our interview earlier this year.

"This series of singles I think is going to be an amazing story, this is not just me putting out a series of singles. This is me telling a story that you’re not going to be able to figure out until song three or four...”


The love story told by Gattison in this song is going to hit home with a lot of people. That along with the infectious melody and toe-tapping beat will have this song stuck in your head for hours. ‘Picture Perfect’ is streaming everywhere now.