The AUIDEO Show: Words and Malady - A Talk with Tom Catmull


“If you can get people to stare at the inside of your guts, then you’re in business.”

It’s not often you get to meet someone with the talent and drive that Tom Catmull has. Our artist feature this episode tells the story of singer-songwriter Tom Catmull, a resident of Missoula, Montana and quite possibly the busiest guy you know.

A transplant from Texas, Tom found a summer job in West Yellowstone after college at Stephen F. Austin, and like many others in the area, couldn’t bring himself to leave Big Sky country. Here he is 20 years later, touring all over the Midwest and calling this summer, “the busiest I’ve ever been.” He’s played over 40 shows (and counting) this summer alone. Try juggling that with raising two kids and teaching throughout the week, and it makes us ask the question… how does he find the time? One thing is for sure, Tom is loving every minute of it. Thankfully he did find some time before his show in Bozeman, to stop by our studio and tell us all about his journey. Tom gladly shares with us his childhood, the process of creating an album, showing your “guts” on stage, and how his family has shaped his life and his song writing.

It’s artists like Tom that make us love what we do here on the show. His song writing is unmatched, his storytelling is relatable, his voice is heavenly, but most of all, his attitude and his drive to be better in all facets of life is flat out inspiring.

TAS is excited to present our interview with the talented and never stopping Tom Catmull.


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