The AUIDEO Show: An Improvised Talk with Katie Goodman

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Speaker, comedian, author, life coach, podcaster, and improvisational mastermind Katie Goodman is the kind of person we all aspire to be. She’s the founder of The Equinox Theater, a Bozeman improv staple; she’s also a MacArthur Foundation Genius Grant Award nominee, and is the creator of several plays, including the ever growing, Broad Comedy. The raunchy, societal based sketch comedy show is set to make it’s return to Bozeman, MT, November 15th, 16th, &17th. The 20th anniversary of Katie’s show actually started right here in Bozeman and she explains it as “…super raunchy! And that makes it really fun to write and super fun to rehearse..” The anniversary show includes pertinent, hot button topics that have plague the 2018 headlines, “…writing about sexual assault is really tricky and hard, but my belief is any issue can be done it’s just how you do it. I think it can be really healthy when you’re writing comedy about something or laughing about something, you’re able to step back a little bit and see the big picture… if you can talk about it, I think that’s really good.” The 20th anniversary show will of course be bringing back old crowd favorites as well as plenty of new skits and songs that will leave everyone laughing hysterically.

Katie was kind enough to stop in to talk about her life and her improv career in our newest feature.

Stream An Improvised Talk with Katie Goodman below and get tickets to her show November 15-17 at the Emerson Cultural Center in Bozeman.