About TAS


Can I kick it? Testimony time. The AUIDEO Show started as two individuals with a passion and interest in showcasing musical artists and their extraordinary talents. The pilot episode of our podcast launched in March of 2015, and it’s been a whirlwind ever since. From our very first episode (RIP Prince) we’ve dropped over 60 more episodes, met some awesome people along the way (Sup, Bryce Vine) and built an entire community based on the love of music!

What started as something as small as the two of us with mics in a studio apartment living room, has turned into a full time job. Now, we produce multiple outlets of audio content (check out the Service tab), emcee and DJ events (that DJ link), and have this awesome website for music fans, just like you, giving artists a platform to showcase their media. Welcome to AUIDEO, we hope you enjoy!