Mitch Brady

To many around Bozeman, MT, Mitch Brady is a household name. Whether that's playing music festivals, holding weekly residency at Bar IX, or releasing original content, DJ Mitch Brady does it all. He's come a long way since teaching himself how to make beats with a DJ controller he bought on Craigslist.

Being from a small town, Mitch knows the struggle of trying to find a larger audience to showcase his talents. Always on the look for a bigger crowd, where he's from hasn't slowed him down one bit. Sharing the same stage with Lil' Jon, as well as other world renowned Dj's, his stage seems to know no bounds. And his fan base just keeps on growing.

He released his first EP, The Ju Ju Jetpack Project, this past November and describes it as a... "roller coaster of music, because the genre is different between every single song." It's an accurate description if we do say so ourselves. The EP's first track, Blur, has a very down tempo vibe (we feature it in our interview below) and by the last track, Elevator Squash, you're in full house music electronica mode. The EP is full of energy from start to finish and can be found on Spotify, as well as SoundCloud. 

Our conversation this week is with an artist we've been trying to feature for a long time. Join us as we sit down with Mitch Brady aka MNTVN, and talk growing up in the middle of nowhere, his first gig, and where he is now. Available on all podcast outlets, our YouTube channel, as well as below. 

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