"Remember you light..."

We didn't know our conversation with New York based musician, Kash, would leave us so motivated to change the world. What started as an interview for our next episode, turned into undeniable inspiration.  Kash is not only here to make great music and create an amazing YouTube channel (seriously, you have to check it out! Link below.), but she's here to use her platform to make a change in this world. 

First, let's start with her music. A little over a year ago she released Stronger Togethera single that comes with a message: everyone, no matter your race, religion, sex, or political view, is in fact, Stronger Together. A song she's performed at multiple women's marches in front of thousands of supporters. More recently, her newest single Cycles, explains that all too familiar feeling we get when love hits a plateau. 

That brings us to her YouTube channel - Complete with multiple characters, voices, acoustic covers, original music, and alter egos it's releasing new content every Wednesday and is a MUST subscribe. 

Stream the latest episode of The Auideo Show featuring the multi-talented Kash below! You can also hear our conversation in its entirety on our YouTube channel.

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