J. Hutton

Everything about J. Hutton is original, from the music he releases to his artwork and image. He talks about all these things in AUIDEO's feature this week.  J. Hutton comes to us from Claremont, Ontario, the smallest of small towns just north of Toronto. Learning to play guitar at age 9, songwriting by high school, and getting a degree in Arts and Music, music is something that has been ingrained in him for his entire life.

J. Hutton the musician takes influences from Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye, J. Cole & Kendrick Lamar. His "genre", classified as 'a modern twist on old funk' is obvious with his first single, No Complaints,. It's featured on our podcast episode this week if you haven't heard it yet. The second single, No Kidding, he explains as: "...We just wanted to do a really throw back track to Curtis Mayfield and all those super funk bands... I haven't heard a lot of that kind of music anymore, but we wanted to make it a little more new." His ability to recreate the style of music populated in the 60's & 70's with today's popular music, is unlike anything we've ever heard.

J. Hutton the artist also stemmed from his early childhood days. In fact, that's all he wanted do as kid - play music and draw. Both of which have became intertwined in his life and the ultimate passion project. Any photos you'll find of J. are his original artwork and mostly self-portraits. We asked him if he was intentionally trying to portray that as his image: "Yes and no, I don't really care to be seen, I'd just rather people listen to my music and try to be as vague as possible."

We listened J. and we could not be more excited to present our feature with the authentic and multi-talented, J. Hutton.