Jay Pray


    Immediately upon introducing ourselves to Justin, I knew the interview was going to be easy. Justin is a very relatable guy, and it seemed like we could have talked to him about anything for hours (music process, instruments, conspiracy theories, aliens, and obviously hot topic of the end of the world). And I knew at the end of watching the music video for his single 'Smile', his music definitely needs to be celebrated.

Justin Romanos, or Jay Pray, is a electronic, popular artist that is already covering a lot of ground in the independent music industry. Jay is a hard worker and it really shows in his music. Speaking of, his music is very reminiscent of artists like Daft Punk and Troye Sivan, and his philosophical lyrics give you something to think about while listening to his embellished sounds. The best way to listen to Jay's music is on a long drive by yourself. His airy synths and his soft, falsetto voice envelopes you in your car as the songs progress, like his song 'I'm Sorry'. His choices of rhythms also add a variety of styles to his music, varying from dance tracks like in 'I'd Go Anywhere (Do Anything), to the crisp, transient sounds of my favorite track 'Smile'. 

One of the things that Famous and I admire about the artists we talk to is their other business endeavors in their lives. Jay is the owner of his own record label, Think Thought Records. He also collaborates with other artists in different mediums, creating these amazing, multimedia projects that definitely compliment his sound and style. Jay Pray's music can be found wherever you get your music, and you can also hear an exclusive interview with Famous and I by listening to the SoundCloud link below. Go show this artist your support, and if Jay happens to be playing near you, check him out and take a photo with him and send it to The Auideo Show. And stay tuned for an all new episode of The Auideo Show on Tuesdays and Fridays. 

You can follow Jay Pray on social medias @heyjaypray and you can follow me, Handsome Cole, on social medias @handsomecole. Until next post, keep it sleazy!


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