1 Year Anniversary of Prince's Death


When The Auideo Show was in its beginning stages of production, one of the artists I really wanted to explore was Prince. For as long as I knew of his music, he always seemed to have this enigmatic presence about him. I had always heard from fans and people that worked with His Royal Badness that he was a private, but determined individual. 

Flash forward to about our 5 or 6 episode in of season one, Cevan and I hear about Princes death and we were really struck by it. He was the first episode we did, and we learned so much about his career from beginning to a tragic end. A few weeks after, Cevan and I flew to Minneapolis to pay our respects and visit Paisley Park. It was definitely something every Prince fan, or any music fan should see. They currently offer tours of his home/studio/love nest. This weekend starting Thursday, theres a celebration at Paisley marking the 1 year anniversary of Prince’s death. It has already kicked off with some phenomenal musicians like George Clinton taking the stage with the incredible P-Funk. If you happen to be in the area, send us a pic of the events and we’ll send you a personalized Auideo Gift to commemorate the life of the Purple One. 

Tune in to our first episode about The Purple on here, Soundcloud, Google Play, iTunes, and more! Also stay tuned for more Auideo Show coming to your ears Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Cole SchaeferComment