"The funk made it feel right..."

We first met Gattison in 2016. He was scheduled to sing at an event called the Centennial Celebration of the National Parks. It was being held in Yellowstone National Park and being just a short trip from our home town, our paths inevitably and thankfully crossed. Ever since that day in August, we both knew we had to collaborate on something. Here we are, almost 2 years later and the wait is over! We finally sat down to chat with Gattison about his childhood, influences, family, and of course his new music.

With a talented family tree that consists of Dorothy Morrison, the original singer of the hit gospel song 'Oh Happy Day',  as well as Levi Seacer Jr., the guitarist for music legend Prince. One could say Gattison was born for this industry. Singing in the family's church choir every Sunday and learning how to play the organ at a young age, Gattison grew up submerged in gospel music. By the time he was 12, he'd evolved his talents into songwriting. Fast forward to adulthood, Gattison has now gone from singing and making music as a kid, to making music for the world.

California Magic was released June 29th, and is the first single of a 6 song saga. It's funky, infectious, and the definition of a Summer hit. "... I just wanted to make this song feel right, just make it feel like California Magic... we put that bass on it, and it made it."  With help from Shari Short, Gattison's first single is off to a HOT start with over 60,000 streams in just 3 weeks. He's releasing 5 more in the coming months, all with the purpose of telling his 'bigger story'. "This series of singles I think is going to be an amazing story, this is not just me putting out a series of singles. This is me telling a story... The lyrics you're listening to in California Magic is telling a specific story that you're probably not going to get until about song 3 or 4..." Hear him explain it in even more detail in our interview and hear the entire, uncut conversation on our YouTube channel, both below.

We are extremely excited to present our sit down with Gattison as this week's feature, and can't wait for you to become as big as fans as we are.

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