The Fontaines


The first time I ever came across The Fontaines was from the view of Charlotte’s hand. They had submitted a video into NPR’s ‘Tiny Desk Contest’ and I found myself mesmerized by this group. I simply could not look away. This led to downloading everything I could find and doing what I do with most music I’m addicted to… share it, show it off, and annoyingly shove my new found obsession down the throats of everyone that will listen. Honestly, that’s the kind of sound The Fontaines possess. It’s flat out addicting. See their NPR video submission of ‘Pitted’ here…


As luck would have it, we were able to get Charlotte and Hank Fontaine to join us for an interview. The brother and sister that hail from Los Angeles are what they like to call “not too L.A.” and I knew right away that they were going to be a blast to talk with. Hank's hilarious sense of humor and Charlotte's easygoing personality made our jobs extremely easy. We just asked the questions and watched the dynamic of the two play out.

Their most recent EP, “ii”, was released in the summer of 2016 and includes 2 of our favorites, ‘Handstand’ and ‘Please, Say Something’. In February of this year they released the single ‘Evaporate’ and it has since exploded in popularity. The single has been featured on multiple Spotify public playlists and landed them on the list of one of Tidal's Rising Artists. The Fontaine siblings are also joined by Daniel Zuker on bass and Chrystian Kaplan on the drums to complete the "New-Wop" group. A sound that is a little bit New-Age, a little bit Pop, and 100% original. The group is expected to release more singles, as well as a debut full-length album later this year. When that happens, expect The Auideo Show to share it, show it off, and well, you get the rest. 

To hear more from The Fontaines, stream our interview below. You can also find them and all their music on the internet. No need to tell you where because you know how Google works. Then after streaming our interview, don't forget to subscribe to their YouTube channel. You'll find even more Fontaine content there that you won't find anywhere else!

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