What Do We Do?

We're much more than just a podcast production company. Cole Schaefer and Cevan Likness will work with you to help you achieve the event of your dreams in and around the Big Sky and Bozeman area. We are currently building strong, professional relationships with many different vendors and venues around the area that can assist in personally creating the ultimate event!




Wedding season is one of the most popular times around the Gallatin Valley, and we would love to help make you and your loved one’s special day even better by providing you with sound and music.

Everything from the Ceremonial Processions to the Reception Hall, we’ve got you covered! Send us a message below and let us help you plan the wedding of your dreams!



Holiday/Grad Party



Yup! We do that to! Cole and Cevan have teamed up and hosted/Emcee’d and DJ’d over 150 events in and around the Bozeman area!

We’ve covered everything from any holiday parties, graduation parties, birthday parties, business opening parties, BBQ parties, and so much more! Contact us today and we will help you get started on planning the bash of the season!


Other Events



And THATS NOT ALL! This dynamic duo also has experience in other special events like album release parties, live concerts, conferences, fundraisers (for profit & non-profit)

We understand how stressful planning an event can be. Let us help you with the planning and coordinating so you can enjoy your gathering just as much as your guests! Send us a message below today and we’ll get started!! 


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