Abhi the Nomad

“My album is like sex…”

Abhi the Nomad literally does it all. He’s lived everywhere, he speaks three languages, he writes his own lyrics, produces his own songs, draws his own cover art, designs his own promotional videos, and by the way, just started his first headlining tour. How does someone this busy have time for an exclusive interview with AUIDEO? No clue. But, here he is, finding time to let us behind the scenes of his life for our newest artist feature.

Born in India, Abhi has lived all over the world. Every where from Beijing, to Hong Kong, from Fiji, to California, from France, to his current hometown of Austin, Texas. Having this nomadic lifestyle, it’s no wonder his sound is so multi-faceted and genre crossing. It’s only by necessity that he labels his music as ‘Alternative Hip-Hop,’ but if we’re being honest, it doesn’t really fit inside that box either. He likes to explain it as ‘life music’, telling us… “I like having songs that apply to each hour of the day or are right for different situations.” While his two newest singles, RUN and BOOTY showcase Abhi’s rap talents, his album, Marbled, is hard to classify. With songs like Somebody to Love and Sex n’ Drugs, Abhi explains in our interview “…Marbled is kinda like sex, it keeps building up and building up, then you have this grand release in the middle. Finally, it calms down and you have pillow talk with pressure at the end.”

We’re talking to Abhi about everything this episode - his new album, his American Alien Tour, what success truly means, and the journey that finally led to him calling America home.

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